The EQUALS e-Mentorship programme offers participants of Tech4Girls workshops, young women aged 18-25, the opportunity to be matched with mentors who contribute to their professional and personal development.

Mentors are professionals from across the mobile and tech sectors who actively support and guide mentees in their learning and career paths through an innovative 8-week mentoring programme which is free to join.

This initiative is powered by the EQUALS global partnership for digital gender equality in partnership with GSMA and W4.

EQUALS Tech4Girls Partners

Ayesha WadiWala

Tech4Girls Alumna, Pakistan

Women are strong but they can lack confidence when it comes to tech. With a mentor, you can benefit from the person’s experience and guidance. Mentorship gives you a role model and someone to believe in you and support you. Having an experienced mentor can boost your confidence and help you set goals. Thanks to mentoring, I became a successful freelancer and now have my own tech company. I welcome more and more women in tech which will help improve our society.

Sana Shiraz

Tech4Girls Alumna, Pakistan

Mentoring is very important in all walks of life. Mentors guide us and help us to make well-informed decisions. Mentorship is when someone takes you under their wing to teach you how to fly. Initially, when I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I didn't really have a direction which was demotivating. But my mentor guided me and helped me grow. Under her guidance, I found the right direction.

Abriana Cooper

Tech4Girls Alumna, Jamaica

E-mentorship is valuable as it teaches strength and resilience and gives a direction in life. Tech4Girls has showed me that it is not impossible to be a young woman in tech wanting to join a male dominated field. I am happy to learn more and grow with Tech4Girls as the programme has given me the motivation I needed when I felt like giving up and switching career paths.